Usecase for ATOM: Liquidity as a service + burn

I was thinking about a solid usecase for ATOM for the long run. One that I came up with is a variant on Liquidity as a service as discussed in the “what do we do with the NTRN stash” discussion.

My idea is: ATOM uses its assets and part of excessive Community pool as investment in Liquidity as a service to other Cosmos protocols and the revenue in ATOM get automatically burned. This creates a solid decrease in ATOMs/increase in ATOM price mechanism that will just continue to give benefit for ATOM price. It also increases the interdependants of ATOM and the chains the liquidity is provided to big time: chains get liquidity/ATOM price goes up. win win. When ATOM price (in fiat or at least relatively to not having this mechanism) goes up this will create even more liquidity to provide as service. This mechanism will cement ATOM in its role as the centre of the hub.

Please comment on the proposed mechanism: Liquidity as service combined with automatic ATOM burn from revenue.


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