Implementation of atom burning mechanism

It is necessary to propose and implement an ATOM burning mechanism at this time, we need a team to make the proposal for this mechanism in order to counteract the inflation of the ATOM Token and in this way, position ATOM with a Token that can be used in the entire network without the risk of it devaluing over time. The burning process can be through gas tariff, or quarterly burning.

Token burning is another red flag for SEC. ATOM is already recognized as a security. Implementation of any burning mechanism will put additional pressure on the ATOM delisting from CEX.

ETH has also a Burn mechanism!

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This is true, and I am in favour of launching this mechanism to increase the efficiency of Atom as a new use case

I don’t think it’s required
You should consider any Atom in community pool as burned Atom waiting to be newly minted in investment decided by the community

Brother, an ATOM in the community group to later be used by the community, but the sum of what is being generated in inflation (10%) increases the creation of annual ATOMs, and the capital of the investors decreases, the project is going away through a pit, because there is no atom burning mechanism, you cannot just create breeding, because of that type of thinking is why large institutions still do not invest in ATOM, no matter how much potential it has, if there is no atom burning money is going to devalue. It is a shame that people like you and many do not see that the beneficiaries are only the appraisers. what a pity.

I’m not VIP, what I think is not very important
But I think you are wrong
At the moment inflation rewards stakers , it means that capital of investors decrease only if they don’t stake, if they stake their capital increase
If inflation IS used to create value money will not dévalue its value will increase
But what I said IS that tax going to community pool Can be considered burned
Cosmos could work also burning all atom coming to community pool and mint New Atom when governance need it
It important to consider that "Governance > code is Law "

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For who? By who? For what? What are the necessities? The consequences?

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