Using Cosmos for developing a New Chain?


I have been watching crypto developments for a some years (and have done some small BTC / ETH transactions) and want to be able to use the tech somehow for developing a token that could help me fund:

  • The development of a “Life Extension Village” (

  • A Non-Profit Brain-Scanning Research Facility asscoiated with the LEV.

I have not seen any variety of tech that is already suitable for what I am thinking of but it seems Cosmos might be a way forward for me - of so my questions are:

  • Is Cosmos going to be a more efficient and inexpensive way of developing exactly what I need - compared to other environments?

  • Does the development environment allow for a fast learning experience (ie easier and faster development) for someone who has been around IT for decades but with no direct experience with blockchain development yet?

I am already convinced of the value of the Comos tech itself for the future - I am just trying to work out if I shoiuld plug into this project earlier rather than later for my own project.


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Hi Phil,

The Cosmos SDK makes building blockchain applications much faster and easier. It is a great tool with a strong community behind it.

To get a better sense of what developing with the SDK looks like, we recommend following the application tutorial here


Here’s some instructions for setting up a 2 validator network manually:

Hi Phill,

Your idea for life extension village seems good as I saw same idea here in Korea with the name of smart village. Few cities “smart city projects” in Korea are considering blockchain usage as mode of payment for amenities. I did not find any full concept paper about your project but it seems feasible for me to use Blockchain for your project particularly Cosmos.

Cosmos which is application specific blockchain and very much feasible for individual projects like yours. Development environment is much easier than monolithic blockchain. However, it requires expertises in golang and in your case some web framework expertise, I will recommend javascript framework vue.js as front end and node.js for backend.
you may contact me at for further discussion or write on the forum thread.