Using Cosmos for developing a New Chain?



I have been watching crypto developments for a some years (and have done some small BTC / ETH transactions) and want to be able to use the tech somehow for developing a token that could help me fund:

  • The development of a “Life Extension Village” (

  • A Non-Profit Brain-Scanning Research Facility asscoiated with the LEV.

I have not seen any variety of tech that is already suitable for what I am thinking of but it seems Cosmos might be a way forward for me - of so my questions are:

  • Is Cosmos going to be a more efficient and inexpensive way of developing exactly what I need - compared to other environments?

  • Does the development environment allow for a fast learning experience (ie easier and faster development) for someone who has been around IT for decades but with no direct experience with blockchain development yet?

I am already convinced of the value of the Comos tech itself for the future - I am just trying to work out if I shoiuld plug into this project earlier rather than later for my own project.


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Hi Phil,

The Cosmos SDK makes building blockchain applications much faster and easier. It is a great tool with a strong community behind it.

To get a better sense of what developing with the SDK looks like, we recommend following the application tutorial here