[Validator] blockscape introduce themselves

Hello everyone!

It’s about time we introduced ourselves here aswell, so here it goes!
In this post we would like to share some of the things we are currently working on and what our goals in the near future are going to be.

  1. We have been quietly observing Cosmos from the shadows since early 2018 and decided that now is a great time to launch our validator. We are a small group of blockchain enthusiasts, committed to running a highly available and highly secure validator as well as sharing our knowledge with the community. Over time, we have acquired a great deal of knowledge concerning the Cosmos Network and its underlying consensus layer and are constantly trying out new ideas to make validator operators’ lives easier.

  2. As seen in our Medium article (https://medium.com/@blockscape.network/a-guide-to-high-availability-for-cosmos-validators-f14fb4c6038b), we are committed to sharing our ideas and providing easy-to-read guides for people to follow along. We are currently working on an improved version of our high availability strategy which we will eventually be open sourced.

  3. Furthermore, we have identified some weak spots in the current user experience as a delegator and are working to address them to both simplify the delegator workflow as well as educate those new to the Cosmos to the best of our abilities. This is a project trying to provide a different perspective on delegating and raising additional awareness of voting power distribution and blockchain security.

We hope you stay tuned with what we’re up to and are just as excited to be part of this community as we are! If you have questions feel free to ask them and if you want to find out more about us check out our website www.blockscape.network!

Thank you!