We have launched our Cosmos #fuckgoogle validator. Join us and stake! (our reasons for doing so included)

As we have promised we have launched our Cosmos validator.

We are starting small, but are committed to our promises. To secure the network and to support in all possible to us ways. We weren’t meant to launch it until next year, but we decided that now is a good time to do it.

In this post I would like to share some of our value propositions and why you should stake with us:

The first 3 points are monotonous, but I assume are vital. They are related to the experience of our team:

  1. We are an experienced and professional team. 3 of our team members have each, over 5 years of experience working with blockchain projects and launching blockchain projects that had capitalization of up to 80 mil USD, large user bases and constant transactional flow.

  2. We have vast experience in understanding of Cosmos. Some of us have invested and followed Tendermint for many years. We are always trying to help by developing useful software and participating in testing new soft.

  3. We have been analyzing blockchains since 2014! Not just Bitcoin, but other technologies. We understand the deep beneath the work of the engine of the beast that are distributed technologies.

The following is our main reasoning behind launching our Cosmos validator:

  1. We believe in shaping and building the new Great Web. We believe this is essential for the coming generations and that this world, alas, is already broken. The only way to fix this - to build a new metaverse.

  2. We believe that Tendermint is a core piece of the puzzle in the new Great Web, hence we develop our project with the help of Tendermint and are committed to developing the ecosystem (technically and financially).

  3. Our manifests, research and other ideas aren’t just words to us. We live those ideas and are trying to make everything we can to make this world a more decentralised place.

  4. A while ago, I wrote this article. In it, I have outlined my personal view of why this world is developing unnaturally and why it needs a change and MOST importantly HOW to achieve this change.

  5. We are building not just another blockchain. Our idea is to overthrow the monopolized tyrannic powers of the services that centralize the modern metaverse. We want to see innovation. Intergalactic communication of species backed by cryptography and a world without borders. We know that our project can help to shape the two most important things to achieve this: knowledge and fair communication between species.

  6. As Jae Kwon rightly pointed out, the world is on fire. We need to do something about it, not just talk. We view that creating decentralized innovation is the only way to extinguish that fire. To give a fresh breath of air to the so much needed choking from smoke digital space, which we all already live in. Our digital print is no less, but our soul, that has the right to be free, express its thoughts and communicate freely!

This is our stance. We believe that together, we can build a better future!

Don’t believe, don’t fear, don’t ask!