Validator Candidates


DELEGATE NOW - 99.9982% uptime for the past 4 years. We are a group of crypto-experts and security providers =>


@gamarin Please add us ChainPool (, we will support Cosmos and IRIS both.


Subota --> we are experts in internet infrastructure, security and stability !


Dedicated hosting service for Masternodes, please add


Mythos -->

We’re a Cosmos Validator designed for big fish and crypto funds. Designed for those that need the highest levels of security, support, and governance insight.


  • Uptime Commitment
  • Hardware Key Management
  • Sentry-node DDos Prevention
  • Physical data centers with geo redudency
  • Hybrid cloud approach for scalablity
  • Big Fish 24/7 Support
  • Stakers Bulletins
  • Third-party Audited Security

Please add us to the list.


Hello thanks to the Cosmos Team for the work and greetings from Barcelona, Spain.

I am melea and here my beta web / proposal

Please add


Some words about melea-trust team.

Our mission is to educate about Cosmos Blockchain in Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan in addition to English.

More information about our plans will be public at the time.

Also comment that the proposal as the web is beta and is still under review.

Thank you


Staked ( is a validator candidate. We run validator nodes across multiple protocols on behalf on institutional investors. Based in NYC, run by experienced entrepreneurs.


Greetings from, we are a masternode/staking provider. Looking forward to the mainnet launch!


Please add Gold Cosmos Validator -


Please add as a Cosmos validator. We are a leading blockchain-based insurance company with extensive experiences in blockchain, AI, IoT, encryption and network security.

Our company InsChain ran a private Cosmos validator node network with validator nodes, sentry nodes, full nodes and LCD nodes; and created custom plugins/extensions on top of Cosmos SDK to support requirements of mutual insurance. Currently we are running a full sentry node and a validator node for Cosmos testnet gaia-6002.

Considering our experiences with Tendermint and Cosmos SDK, we hope to run a validator node for Cosmos Network and we believe we will maintain the validator node well.


Hello! Thank you for your support and interest. We include webpages specifically about Cosmos validators in this list. Could you create one on your site so that people can find relevant infos on your validator services directly? I’ll put the link to the site you provided in the meantime.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the prompt reply. We will add the validator page to our website in the next several days.


Here’s mine -

More information to follow :slight_smile:


Figment Networks operates validators, staking nodes, and masternodes for crypto networks.

We’ve also released a monitoring tool called Hubble:

Please reach out at with any questions!


Hey doesn’t seem like a secure website.

Does anyone know the peeps of this validator and could message them?


Hi, a enthusiastic of blockchain, in special Ethereum, proud to be part of Cosmos community, hello from Spain, Seville.:grinning:
Please, add:


Hi there, please add

Lino Network try to build a decentralized autonomous content economy and we are powered by Cosmos.



Hey there! This topic is for validator websites only :slight_smile:

Here is an other topic to post projects (Lino is already listed): List of projects in Cosmos & Tendermint Ecosystem.

If you also intend to run a validator for the Hub, please add a webpage dedicated to your validator services.


Hello, Greetings from Wancloud.