Voting app in Cosmos SDK

I am looking to develop a voting based decentralized oracle which is govern by some governance process. In this app, people or token holders should be able to vote on the exact price of the synthetic asset.

How to develop this kind of voting mechanism in cosmos sdk in golang?

When people vote for the price, where should the price be stored. And how do I track the maximum votes, minimum votes , voting prices and all other voting event related stattistics?

Please guide me?

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Have you tried the Cosmos SDK tutorials?

There is even a voting app there :slight_smile:

hi, dont know if this is offtopic, but the guide of the voter app does not work for me. more concrete, i do not get a running frontend on localhost:8080 when executing starport type poll […]. A vue folder is also not created (but should be following the example guide?)

Not sure, you could try opening an issue on the starport repo: or asking in the starport channel on discord:

I have asked the issue about vue some time ago and it seems was because of CosmJS support