Vue error in checkers tutorial

Hi, this is my first time interacting with Vue as well as the CosmosSDK development in the Starport tutorial. I have a similar issue to Vue fails to compile in votes tutorial

in that I am getting “Failed to compile with 1 error
error in ./node_modules/@starport/vue/lib/starport-vue.common.js
Module parse failed: Unexpected token (18894:247)
You may need an appropriate loader…”

after doing “$ npm run serve” in the tutorial (Starport | Cosmos Developer Portal).

I tried changing the package.json file as the linked forum comment suggested, but it’s still giving me the same error. What can I do?

Also, I can’t seem to select any category besides “Governance” and “Research” for this post. This is my first time on the forum as well…

Hi Brandon,

Welcome to the forum! This is the place for governance and broader conversation about the direction of the Hub. For technical assistance please head over to the Cosmos Discord! Hope to see you back here to chat about gov stuff :slight_smile:

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