We need to understand, who is Judges and how they choose the winners!

Hello, Friends!
I need a help of community, to up the topic, about corrupted judges, who use resources of Community Pool not in the interest of Community.

The results of the video competition about Cosmos have been summed up.
See who took first and second places in 6 nominations:
Cosmos Video Contest Winners. The Prop 34/46 Video Contest — Discover… | by TicoJohnny | Sep, 2021 | Cosmos Blog

I sent 2 videos about Cosmos to this competition, and watch my videos - you will understand that they are much better than most of the 1st and 2nd places in 6 categories according to the judges.

Как децентрализовать любой сервис с Cosmos Network | Fork The System с Понимающим - YouTube

Evolution of the Blockchains: from Bitcoin to Cosmos Network - YouTube

Who are these judges and how did they choose 1st and 2nd places?
Why didn’t any of my videos come in 1st or 2nd place?

If they don’t understand anything in the video, why are they judges?

If they have been bribed, then we must remove these people from making decisions.

It can be impossible that my videos do not take 1st or 2nd places, when in 6 nominations the 1st and 2nd places are just ordinary videos.

Only one video in the 1st place can be compared with my videos in terms of quality.

But how is it that in 6 categories there are a bunch of the most common videos in 1st and 2nd place, and there is not a single one of mine?

Your video was good.

That said, your request does not solve any kind of problem.

so, you feel there’s an issue where people aren’t juding quality effectively, I get that. If I understand correctly, you’re also a programmer.

Problem, meet solution.

Build an appchain that stores the CIDs of videos and users vote on them.


This is problem of your ego.
And I speak not about my ego, but about irrational spending of Community Pool not in the interest of Community and Project.
Please, read this: