I want to return 80 $ATOMs to Community Pool. How I can do it?

On September 11, 2021, the results of the Video Contest ~ Discover Cosmos were announced:

I submitted two videos to this competition. And objective, they are much more better than most of the videos, that got prizes for Honorable Mentions.
If you don’t believe me, watch my videos and compare it with videos, that got prizes.
I watched all videos, and gave a feedback, here: How enthusiasm is lost, or Centralization of Social Power in Cosmos Network | by Vladimir Ponimajushij | Sep, 2021 | Medium

Why my videos didn’t get any prize place, just one got “most viewed”?
Because of russian language?
But video #15 in “Honorable Mentions” is also in russian language, and it got prize!
🟣 Блокчейн проекта COSMOS — Как он устроен? Коротко и просто. - YouTube — the video is the same in Russian as mine. With English subtitles. But these are again semi-static pictures and ordinary animation. 2800 views, 222 likes.

Also, videos #8 and #9 in “Honorable Mentions” - is the same video, from the same person, just with different links! It means, this person get 2 prizes for one video!
How judges choose videos for prize places, if they really can’t see, that they give 2 prizes for the same video to one person?
8. An Introduction To Cosmos (ATOM) Ecosystem For Beginners - YouTube — almost static pictures that are replaced by pictures from the Internet. Somewhere I have already seen this… 1100 views. 30 likes.
9. Cosmos Ecosystem - What is IBC? Creating Value for the Cosmos Hub and ATOM Token - YouTube — full copy of the previous video, from the same author. That is, the same video received two awards in “Honorable Mention“. 632 views, 32 likes.

Well, let’s start by admitting our defeat as a community. Since the people who should distribute the prizes use funds from the community pool as prizes. And the point of this video competition is to support enthusiasts who will bring value to the Cosmos project with their videos. That is, funds from the community pool (not small funds) should support people who make good Cosmos promotions. Like marketing from the community. And these funds were spent extremely irrationally.

And we, as a community, are not in a position to influence this in any way. When I raised this issue, I was banned from the ATOM Cosonauts group , which is dedicated to discussing this competition. And in the main Cosmos group, I have been banned for a long time for no reason, which you can read about in this article .

I want to send 80 $ATOM for the largest number of views back to the community pool. I don’t need this 80 $ATOM. I sure, that this is not good to grab Community Pool.
And I will delete the video about Cosmos, because if they are so bad that they didn’t even receive the “Honorable Mention”, then they should not be on the Internet.
I’ll delete them in a week, so you still have the opportunity to see them for the last time…

For 2 years I contribute from the Cosmos Network project with full enthusiasm, and never ask for nothing.
Here is a list of my contributions to the Cosmos Network:

I did all this for free. Because I love the Cosmos Network, and because I love doing things. I didn’t get anything for this, except that Tendermint sent me 20 $ATOM one day — noticed my enthusiasm! This 20 $ATOM I will also return to Tendermint. Or in the community pool of Cosmos. I don’t need this handouts)

So, where I need to send 80 $ATOM for Video-Contest, and 20 $ATOM from Tendermint?

Thanks for reading. My enthusiasm in Cosmos Network is over. But my Enthusiasm is generally unshakable! So look forward to more videos from me soon!


@Antropocosmist You are the best enthusiast in the space ecosystem that I know. I would like the community to hear your reasons for this post and draw the right conclusions.


Nice to read it!
But people even can’t send me an address to return ATOMs!
And all I got for my enthusiasm - I’ve banned in many groups of Cosmos, because people who have a social power don’t want to hear the truth.
Looks like they don’t really care about project and community, and use their social power inn own interest, not in the interest of community.

Other way, I don’t see any reason to ban me, because I was only bringing value to project, and also I did it for free.
May be people, who gets money for their help to project don’t like me, because I do the same but for free? And they understand, that if I do it for free, they can lose their payment?

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The judges voted. What is done is done. Just keep the atom or sell them but if you really don’t want them I am sure the community pool address is in the cosmos documentation somewhere.

So, why we don’t have it somewhere, where it’s easy to find?
I try to find it for a week. No answer.
I just will send ATOMs back to address that was sending it to me.
I don’t want to keep this ATOMs

My dude, if you don’t want to hold your ATOMs anymore, feel free to send some my way!


To you,


I really surprised, that such people like you are exist.
Do you really think, that I will send you 80 ATOMs, that are property of Community Pool, that was sent to me without my wish, by the mistake or because of low level of qualifications of judges?

Try to create at least something.
Stop walking with outstretched hand and begging.
You dishonor not only yourself, but the community as well.

My bad my dude, good luck on your quest.

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You give me hope!
Nice, that you understand, that it’s not really good to ask for community pool funds for nothing.
We need to get understanding, that this funds are property of all of us!
Of all ATOM-delegators.
And we need to spend it by rational way.
And only because of understanding of it, I want to return it back to Community Pool. I think, that this is totally irrational and unlogical spending of Community Pool funds.

Sad, that only me understand it.
All others ready to get funds, and don’t care about nothing else.
It means, that is really easy to buy most of the people.

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Hi you can send ATOM to community pool from the command line gaiad tx distribution fund-community-pool. Unfortunately none of UIs like Keplr support this transaction.


Thank you, very much!
I was looking for the answer 1 month, maybe more!
Code bless you!

Maybe you also know the address of Tendermint?
Or where to find it, to be sure, that I send ATOMs to Tendermint?