Wetez announcement for Cosmos community

We know some validators may doubt why Wetez is listed on the first place. This announcement is to clarify why and our intention. Now we already unbonded all the delegation.

Wetez doesn’t want to be on first place by irregular method. We admired Certus Team and what they have done. They really know Cosmos well and even help us. Wetez is a PoS reward wallet. We want to integrate Cosmos as soon as mainnet is released. We will have a delegation and reward display for the community. Therefore, we need to test delegate, redelegate features in the Game of Stake. Partner of Wetez delegates some of atom to Wetez for testing and that’s why we became the first place.

Some validators notice this and inform us that it is a bad behavior. We tried to redelegate right away but something went wrong and Game of Stake went down. So we wait until Game of Stake 3, and unbond all the delegation.

We are sorry for the misunderstanding. Wetez is actually dedicated in contributing to community. We will provide mobile wallet supported Cosmos in the future. At the same time, we provide latest information to Chinese community everyday. Wetez hopes all validators can have closer collaboration and make Cosmos great.

Find us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Wetez_wallet
Also email: WetezWallet@outlook.com

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