We've launched a Cosmos-specific job board

Hey everyone!

We’ve launched a job board where all sorts of folks (engineers, managers, designers, etc.) can find jobs in projects related to Cosmos (one way or another) and the projects can post their openings. We hope this will bring some positivity and transparency to the ecosystem. We’re open to any critique and ideas.

Here’s the link:

Please, follow us on twitter (we post jobs there as well):



I try to stay as inactive as possible on forums but felt compelled to weigh in here.

I recently posted on Twitter that I was back on the job hunt after departing from my last place of employment. In my tweet, I mentioned that I was particularly interested in working in the Cosmos ecosystem. Ghazni from Stakecito responded to the tweet asking me if I had heard about @incosmos.work, and tagged their account.

@incosmos.work then reached out to me and was super helpful in helping me identify opportunities in this ecosystem that I could apply to. They spent a considerable amount of time yesterday sorting through job boards, and they did this with no expectation of payment.

I have to say, amidst what seems to be a lot of noise and chaos within this ecosystem, this is one of the best interactions I have had, brought a tear (maybe two) to my face.

Highly recommend following them on Twitter, supporting them and listing with them. Their site’s also pretty easy to navigate! :slight_smile:

Tysm again @incosmos.work <3


@Winfred thank you Winfred :pray:


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