What do we do with the Neutron airdrop?

Firstly, we express our gratitude to @Noam for initiating this crucial discussion, and a special acknowledgment to @Elijah from the Neutron team, whose participation is vital in finding mutually beneficial compromises.

Our feedback centers around two key aspects: cross-chain governance and financial management. Regarding the proposal to compensate validators, we have posted our feedback in this post. Grants, in our view, fall within the domain of the AADAO and should represent a minority share of the Hub’s provisions in NTRN tokens.


In addressing governance, we appreciate some proposed suggestions, particularly the concept of a Governance Vault tailored by Neutron. This innovative approach allows Neutron tokens held by the Hub to participate in governance while remaining deposited in LPs. We recognize the complexities involved due to the underlying asset’s volatility and offer our assistance in designing such a vault, leveraging our expertise in financial risk management. Overall, we strongly support this initiative.


Turning to financial risk management and arbitrage opportunities, we advocate for a meticulous consideration of this topic. Strategies such as reducing volatility and supporting project treasuries involve professional financial management, not ideal for delegation to community voting. We’ve consistently advocated for the creation of a specialized Financial Management sub-DAO on the Hub to handle treasury allocations. It would be worthwhile to discuss potential cross-chain strategies with Neutron, especially considering the anticipated deployment of AAT on Neutron’s chain. This collaboration holds significant promise and aligns with our vision for strategic financial management.

Thank you for your time,