Where is the data repository to identify IBC token IDs?

Where is the data repository to identify IBC token IDs? For example
ibc/161D7D62BAB3B9C39003334F1671208F43C06B643CC9EDBBE82B64793C857F1D is all that’s contained in a TX that I am going back through for tax purposes. I have attempted to google that string, I’ve attempted to google for an IBC token repository. I have attempted to just put that into mintscan etc. I have been unable to even identify the tokens layman’s name. I’d appreciate a link to a data set that will allow me to identify IBC tokens listed on mintscan. I’d appreciate even more if the TX could include a link to the data repository or just put the actual tokens name in the TX since thats what is used for taxes. I assume this respository is located in a place where developers can easily find it. But it is seemingly obscured from the end users of Atom, which is very very bad.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

It’s ORAI token from Oraichain. Sent from Orai to Osmo. You should be able to find it here chain-registry/osmosis/assetlist.json at master · cosmos/chain-registry · GitHub.

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Much appreciated! A github repository is very obscure for an end user. Hopefully a more end user friendly approach can be taken in the future.

Again, thanks for the link!

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