Why are there little options for interacting with the ecosystem?

I have been using the Keplr wallet to buy/sell/stake ATOM and other cosmos-based coins. I wanted some piece of mind so I looked around for hardware wallets. It seems Keplr only supports hardware wallets from Ledger.

I looked for soft/hardware wallet alternatives and couldn’t find any. There are some concerns about Ledger not being open source, and people asked them to release the source instead of dodging the request on reddit (can’t post links but you can look it up)
bitcoin[.]org also lists Ledger as lacking in transparency.

Why isn’t there an alternative to Keplr and Ledger? I know many software wallets like Exodus allow you to hold and stake ATOM, but not other cosmos-based coins. It also doesn’t allow you to pick your validator. This seems centralized and devoid of options, which doesn’t follow the spirit of crypto of being open and offering more options.


There are several Keplr alternatives, maybe some of them do support other hardware wallet providers?

See the two lists here:

  1. Introduction | Cosmos Hub

  2. Cosmos: The Internet of Blockchains

Of course neither list is fully up to date - so some projects may no longer exist and some projects aren’t even listed here.

Did you already try Falcon Wallet (https://www.falconwallet.app/) or the CosmoStation plugin (Cosmostation - Chrome Web Store) as alternatives to Keplr?

There are others too, liek Citadel and other smaller validator developed tools. Then again, it seems that Metamask is what most people heard about when it comes to Ethereum and there are dozens more out there. Maybe it just takes years to get adopted. Mind you, Keplr also didnt get adopted in a day =)

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