Working with ICF

So basically yes, I support atom 2.0.

Today I was encouraged by two ICF team members, to drop my concerns about the code of conduct on the hub repository, due to my support of 2.0. this doesn’t make any sense. One of these ICF team members, told me directly that the code of conduct was decorative only. I am extremely uncomfortable with untruthful statements being in any of the software repositories. If we say that we have an extremely restrictive insanely broad code of conduct that covers every aspect of a person’s life, well then I guess that we do.

But we don’t.

But we do.

But we don’t.

  • This pull request deletes the code of conduct:
  • This pull request modifies the code of conduct to match reality:

Then I was told that I was being divisive. I can’t imagine such entitlement!

Tell that to me, Jelena, Zaki, etc… Who dealt with a lot of abuse that shouldn’t have happened during 2.0.

But most importantly stop lying.

It is extremely clear to me that what both AIB and ICF sides want here is for me to shut up, you win.

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Hello good sir (long time no engaging - I hope all is well with you!!)

For what it’s worth, it does seem like you are going through a lot of pressure from multiple directions, so want to quickly say - thank you for everything you do here!! Although i’m not privy to what exactly you’re talking about, I see you on all these platforms dealing with a lot. Would love to provide assistance in any way I can, if you need.

:saluting_face: :vulcan_salute: :heart: