[52 Week Cosmos] Week #37, 2018

[52 Week Cosmos] Week #37, 2018

September 10–September 16, 2018

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Ecosystem Projects

  • IRIS Network

IRISnet founder Haifeng Xi moderated panel discussion at GBS 2018

IRISnet and Cosmos team had a knowledge transfer session at Shanghai!

IRIS Testnet August Updates: Codename Fuxi

How to Join IRISnet Testnet: Fuxi-3000

  • FOAM

FOAM Map is live!

List of Smart contracts of FOAM Map platform deployed on Ethereum(source: proofofworks.news)

Tendermint & FOAM: Achieving Global Scalability Through Local Consensus

  • Sentinel

Sentinel “Free VPN” hits more than 3000 download on Google PlayStore




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On Sep 14, I (Alex Siman, a co-founder of Egeon.io), presented Tendermint and Cosmos at the biggest blockchain conference in Ukraine and Easter Europe: BlockchainUA. There were more than 1000 people at the conference. After my presentation there were a bunch of questions from an audience that showed a great interest to Tendermint.

My slides: Building a blockchain on Tendermint

The conference site:

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Thanks for letting us know! We’ve added it on [52 Week Cosmos, Week #38].

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Thank you for mentioning, @JoonPark-Lunamint