7001 Memory Error?

I tried spinning-up a new validator and it stopped syncing due to what appears to be a memory errror.

See details here -

Can someone please help figure out what happened here? Maybe @jack?

This is a usual OOM error. Which means that your node ran out of RAM. From the log it looks like it happened during the inflation calculation which is also causing the current slowdown. Maybe this is also causing “higher than usual” memory usage.

How much RAM does your node have ?

I think the same thing happened to me with 8G of ram.

@chris-chainflow I would second what the other folks here mentioned re: OOM. Do you have any monitoring on the node? Can you share some graphs of the performance? That may help us identify the bottleneck. Also if you run into panics, I would suggest opening an issue to report them.

This node, chainflow09, only has 4GB of memory. Chainflow07 has the same specs and didn’t experience the error. One difference is chainflow07 started sync’ing from the start, while chainflow09 started a day or later. I’ll file an issue too @jack

From chainflow09 -

And chainflow07 -

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