A question about `addr_book_strict`, true or false?

I’m still confused with the value of addr_book_strict in the config.toml.

On gaia-7000, I have 2 public sentry nodes. Both of them have addr_book_strict setting to true. However, none of them has saved any peers to the addrbook.json after connecting to seed nodes. In my private sentries and validator node, I have them set to false. The addrbook.json correctly saved the internal addresses of the private and public sentry nodes. I then change the value of addr_book_strict of my sentry nodes to false. addrbook.json save peers after restarting.

@Greg and @jack can you explain a bit on this? My sentry nodes are connecting to the public internet and I suppose I should set addr_book_strict to true. Or as it still have to connect to internal network, so it has to be false?

BTW, on gaia-7000, even though I have peers in the addrbook.json, my sentry nodes only connect to seed nodes and the nodes in my internal network.


I have a lot of peers on the public sentry nodes on gaia-7001 now. What made the difference?

I’m even more confused. I have one sentry node set to true and one set to false. Both of them have over 25 peers connected now, not only the seed nodes anymore. Or it’s something else?

My understanding of addr_book_strict is that if it’s set to true, RFC 1918 IP addresses will not be added to the address book, and if it’s set to false they will be.