Abandoned: No funding for WEF affiliates


This simply should not be in a governance proposal form. Possibly it should be in a constitution, where the hub self-declares as sovereign. In governance proposal form, this could be viewed as wasteful of the funding provided to MP.

I would like to thank @Antoine_Vergne for really excellent phone call, and for candor during that call, because it actually strengthened my reserve on concerns about the WEF, because he was so very candid.

I don’t really think that this is the right path for the hub but I also know that it’s not right to be wasteful.

When it’s time, our team will examine the proposed solutions carefully.

This governance proposal is to check the sentiment of Cosmos hub participants.

As many are likely aware, recently moves have been taken to fund Missions Publiques, a known affiliate of the world economic forum. The world economic forum is a Swiss entity started by Klaus Schwab. The following video shows Mr Klaus Schwab discussing his strategy of penetrating the cabinets of important world governments.

The Cosmos hub is clearly an important government, because the WEF has taken an active interest here.

Should this proposal pass, it should be viewed as a prohibition on further funding to organizations connected to the world economic forum.

My reasoning here is quite simple: I believe that the world economic forum is sincere when they say that they wish to penetrate the cabinets of any important governance system in the world. I think they’re telling the truth, and I want us to run our government, not them.

In the event of passage, Missions Publique should cease work and keep any funding they’ve been given.

Please note that Missions Publique team member Antoine has that has not followed up with me about doing a Twitter spaces to discuss the matter, and I’m choosing to take a polite and conservative distrust of the WEF.


Antoine has contacted me and would like to speak before the public Twitter spaces. Since I am proposing to defund or disregard his work, I have gratefully accepted his request to speak.

If you’d like to speak with the MP team, you can do so here:


I personally encourage people to do so, please do not make this decision solely on my feelings. I strongly recommend that you do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

You can read more about the application by MP to AADAO here:

2nd Update

I had a really delightful call with Antoine today, but my position remains unchanged. I went into why that is in some detail here in this tweet:

vote options

Vote YES to ask WEF connected entities to cease work immediately, and set the precedent that we no longer fund WEF connected entities.

Vote NO to take no action

Vote ABSTAIN to state no opinion and contribute to quorum.

Vote NOWITHVETO to contribute to a veto tally. If the veto tally reaches 1/3, this proposal fails and the deposit is burned.


note that once there,

we should also get back the genesis tokens that have funded Ignite and maaaaany members of this forum indirectly.

(Ignite being affiliated to the WEF)



Fully accepting your trolling

But seriously this whole MP thing is just it’s too far and it’s because of the publicly stated goals of the organization they proudly affiliate with.

Saying no to the penetration of our cabinets seems to me to be quite an easy matter.

Here’s a conversation script for you in case you are approached by Klaus Schwab:

Hi Tom I wish to penetrate your cabinets.

Go away Klaus, we do not wish to be penetrated.

We have locked the cabinet doors to ensure that you can’t wiggle in there.

First, I’ll note that I delegate to Notional.

I’m not a big fan of the WEF, and can sympathize with reasons for someone not wanting to work with them.

That said, I’m in opposition to this proposal:

  1. How would we even know who is on this list? If you would have asked me, “does Regen Network have WEF ties,” I would have answered no. But Jacob, on X, has been circulating a screenshot of a partner’s website that lists us and WEF in their partners section. So, is Regen Network affiliated? Maybe? Like I said—not something I would have known.

  2. The approach here comes across as censorship of a broad swath of organizations. If there is an instance where a community member of Cosmos clearly violates our shared ethics, then we should consider banning that member. To preemptively ban an entire swath of organizations (which, as I noted, is not at all a clear list) goes against the values of the Hub.

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Regen network is not wef affiliated.

Here’s how I figure this works, by the way:

The WEF has a founder who openly brags about penetrating important organizations. Regen was quick to clarify the situation, and mention that they’re not affiliated with the WEF.

However, this is not the case with missions Publique.

With MP, it is incredibly clear that they are precisely the exact group of people, young global leaders, which Klaus about using to penetrate organizations. I agree that this is a wide brush. The same time I wanted to be really direct about the why here.

Basically, I fear a loss of the hub’s sovereignty to a very aggressive global organization that seems hellbent on penetrating anything with power .

We should take the direct interest of WEF affiliates in the hub as a compliment. It means we’re doing something right. At the same time, that does not mean that we should allow ourselves to be penetrated.

@wszal :

  1. thank you for delegating to us!
  2. Please feel free to follow up with any additional questions. Honestly I would love to get your support on this proposal because I feel that the wef is an organization that harms the sovereignty that we are trying to build in cosmos. I am very happy to discuss this matter with you in more detail.

You and @Gregory had been talking about the possibility of hosting an X Spaces to discuss this and some related issues. I think something like that could be a good next step. Kind of tough to get into the nuances of a discussion like this in the limited form of a forum post.

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As always, thank you for your work, Jacob. Voting YES


but… Ignite affiliated with WEF?

I fully agree and will look to get one set in coming days.

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