About Cosmos Hub Explorers

I am a cosmos Chinese community enthusiast,Glad to be able to communicate with you here, my English is mediocre, but now the translation software is very convenient. I hope it won’t be too difficult for us to communicate.
I would like to bring an idea here, also hope to be able to give the team or fans attention. About Cosmos Hub Explorers, whether to improve or add the following functions:
1, Total / Circulation / Inflation Rate
2, Basic Transfer Query / The status of an address, such as how much commission, revenue, etc.
3, Rich List
4, the number of network addresses
I am very happy to be able to communicate and learn with you. 加油!

Welcome @thinker! Do you mean you are looking for an explorer with the information? Big Dipper may provide the information you want and it supports Chinese.

we are adding customise queries to explorer Antlia · GitHub which will support Cosmos, Binance and Terra chain. There will be more graphical representation and analysis tools in this explorer