Transactional History on Hub 1 and Hub 2

Is there a way to view all historic data (trade data, delegation rewards, delegation and un-delegate) for a specific address on the cosmos network. None of the current explorers allow this functionalities. Hubble explorer allows you to look at data from the previous hubs but no detail data and no way to export the data.

Is there a way using the sdk to collect all the data for a address from HUB 1, Hub 2 and now HUB 3?

Hey @DanDev,

you can always spin up a node from an old snapshot of cosmoshub-1 or cosmoshub-2 and extract the data, providing you have access to a snapshot. As far as I know there are non publicly available, but a few validators (like Staking Facilities) have private copies stored. So if you want to build something, feel free to reach out on Telegram or Riot.

We also have all transactions that withdraw rewards for all validators & delegators available in our backend (currently upgrading our infrastructure to also include cosmoshub-3). You can go to our dashboard and query your address. This gives you a downloadable CSV file (including historical prices). I don’t know if this satisfies your requirements, though.

Florian from Staking Facilities

Tax time is here, does anyone know where we can get this?

According to this tweet, Figment is working on tooling for this:

At the end of Q1 2020 they write

Thank you all for your input.

I have used Staking Facilities dashboard as @katernoir suggested. Thank you.
That process in the whole for the role makes it very manual.

So thank you @haasted for your info on FigmentNetworks explorer it would be great to test that one out at end of Q1, sorry Selen i cant mention you at the moment as the I am a new user and only two mentions are allowed. but also thank you.

Thanks again all.

@katernoir I hope you are well.

I just want to know if the is down.

When trying to insert a address it does nothing when selecting add.

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