About the guide of install gaia and join mainnet fail

Hello, I’m new to cosmos-sdk and gaia.

I’m trying to join the mainnet, but I found the guideline of install gaia had the different github linkers in below two official websites.

I follow the step of both two guidelines, but meet some problems.

  1. guide from hub.cosmos.network
    this guide is git clone from github.com/cosmos/gaia (v2.0.3)

I finish the install of gaia and gaiacli, but when I run “gaia start”.

Then, I got the panic like below:

[2019-11-18|03:47:11.115] starting ABCI with Tendermint module=main 

panic: ERROR:

Codespace: distr

Code: 104

Message: "no delegation distribution info"

I also read the readme which mentioned:

DISCLAIMER : The current version of Gaia running the Cosmos Hub (v0.34.x) is NOT maintained in this repository. Gaia and the Cosmos SDK have been recently split. All future versions of Gaia, including the next major upgrade, will be maintained in this repository. However, until the next major upgrade, Gaia should be fetched and built from the latest released v0.34.x version in the SDK repository. In addition, this repository should be considered unstable until the next major release of Gaia. Please bear with us while we continue the migration process and update documentation.

Does it seem I should use cosmos-sdk?

  1. another one cosmos-sdk solution from


This guide is git clone from cosmos-sdk


It seems can’t complete the install when run “make tools install”.

make: Nothing to be done for `tools'.

make: *** No rule to make target `install'. Stop.

Installing of gaia and gaiacli are fail.

It is quite confusing, and I don’t know which version should I chose.

You should use cosmos-sdk repo (v0.34.10) if you are planning to join cosmoshub-2.

If the goal to join mainnet after the upgrade to cosmoshub-3 happens on Dec 11th, then you would not need cosmos-sdk repo but only github.com/cosmos/gaia


Thanks a lot. I will try this version~:slight_smile: