About the Notional Funding Proposal 104

According to proposal 104 , the Notional team will receive funding via a 3-year vesting account. To create this account, members of the multisig address cosmos1uerz25sc6gkg2d65mw4y4qcegw99vggt2xlssd need to sign the Create Vesting Account transaction. More information about TxRaw for signers and the multisig can be found here:

[Preformatted text](https://hackmd.io/arFR0f4HRKiFzn5M7u5Rww).

This topic serves as confirmation that the Notional team and multisig members are following the context outlined in Proposal 104.

Thank you to the Hub Community for supporting the Notional Team.

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Thanks Vuong!

This message is just to confirm that the transfer was successful.

The funds are here:

In the next week or so we’ll be issuing a report on our activities to date.

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