Allnodes Validator Profile

About Allnodes

To all the Stars in the Cosmos Community – Greetings and Best Wishes from Allnodes. We are your dedicated staking and node hosting platform catering to protocols in the Cosmos ecosystem!

Allnodes is a non-custodial staking and node hosting platform supporting over 55+ PoS protocols. From the Cosmos ecosystem! these are: $ATOM, IRISnet $IRIS, Kava $KAVA, Osmosis $OSMO, Evmos $EVM, $Regen $REGEN, Juno $JUNO, CRO Chain $CRO, Terra Classic $LUNA, and Sentinel $dVPN.

When you stake any of the Cosmos Networks assets on Allnodes, you can earn the highest rewards, and for some of them, you are paying 0% commission. This way, you enjoy the highest gains for supporting your favorite Cosmos projects.

You can rely on us!

In under 4 years, Allnodes secured the position of one of the most trusted staking, masternodes, and full nodes hosting platforms.

Our users praise our platform with 5-Star Trustpilot reviews for security, reliability, timely node maintenance and upgrades, intuitive UI, and excellent UX.

We care!

We are with you 24/7, all year round, regardless of where you are staking from.

Uninterrupted uptime of your investments is the most important thing to look for in a staking provider. So, apart from our reliable infrastructure working in the background, we also ensure that our servers deliver 99.90% SLA. That’s a top-grade commitment we’re happy to make to ensure our industry’s ongoing success and proliferation.

Your voice matters!

First and foremost, you are being heard. All decisions on how we vote on proposals start with listening to what our users say, what they are worried about, and what excites them. These and other discussions are ongoing in all our communication channels, often shaping and influencing the on-chain governance of a blockchain in question. Everyone is welcome to join in on Twitter, Discord, or Telegram and share their thoughts, publicly or privately.

No news escapes us!

Our team and dedicated info-bots keep a watchful eye on every proposal and development in the Cosmos ecosystem, allowing us to be on top of the game and never miss a beat.

In addition to our due diligence and ongoing participation in Cosmos networks, we actively educate the masses on the merits of blockchains and their use cases. Please visit our Newsroom to find out more.

To the moon and beyond!

We root for the protocols on the Allnodes platform, and the Cosmos family has a special place in our hearts. The amount of merit and the right kind of innovation has never stopped to impress, something the Cosmos Hub delivers on permanently.

There are many applications for blockchain tech in the real world, but the ones that stand out and always will are the protocols designed to solve real challenges. This is especially true of the Cosmos Hub and its inspiring roadmap vision. We will support you, Cosmos Hub, ensuring your Stars are taken care of through your journey in space and time.

Please reach out to us on our website. You can also find links on our website to Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and LinkedIn.