Alternatives to a User Pays Fee Models for Cosmos Zones

There is a lot of potential design patterns for fees in a Cosmos zones.

Fees are a piece of a solution to a number of problems a Zone developer must solve. They provide solutions for

  1. Spam. In a trust minimized environment, we can’t allow a user to consume resources without limits.
  2. Compensation for validators and full nodes. Validators must be compensated for securing systems.
  3. Compensation for other network actors like the UI layer

The fee distribution model that ships in the Cosmos ecosystem is a powerful basic system for designing a fee system appropriate for your ecosystem. One powerful thing it does it is distribute fees and inflation to hundreds or thousands economic participants in a system on a block by block basis.

The naive user pays fee design might have terrible usability for some users.

  1. A pattern where transactions can be cosigned by the application developer and cosigned transactions can pay their fees from an account controlled by the applications developer
  2. A pattern where there are white listed accounts and spam prevention requires just a pointer to particular white list and the whitelist owner can revoke it and fees are required to adjust the white list.