Ann. Cosmic Compass EAP, an infura-like service for Cosmos

With many chains/networks being developed within the Cosmos ecosystem & with Cosmos IBC launching in just a few weeks, the requirement to access data off of full nodes is key.

Access to the blockchain, not only enables blockchain developers build better apps much faster, but also lower’s entry barrier for application-layer developers that are looking to interact with the Cosmos blockchain or any Cosmos-based chains.

Cosmic Compass - the launch
On Friday, the 13th March (on the first anniversary of the Cosmos Hub), we launched CosmicCompass[dot]io, an explorer & a network navigator for account holders and investors to check transactions on 3 networks in the Cosmos ecosystem - Cosmos Hub, Sentinel Turing 2 and LikeCoin.

CoCo Early Access Program (EAP)
With the launch, the team learnt a lot and we are preparing for the public launch of the Cosmic Compass (CoCo) Console, which enables developers access data of full nodes with a simple API key.

Using API keys from the CoCo Console for data access, reduces the friction for developers to develop apps on top of supported networks and increases the scope of integrations with existing systems (public chains, private chains, enterprise applications, etc.).

Today, we announce the CoCo Console Early Access Program for developers and teams to sign up and make the most out of the offering.

The free tier right now has 1000 calls/project/day (with a 2 projects limit) and the CoCo Early Access Program offers 5000 calls/project/day (with a limit of 3 projects). This is until the end of GOZ for sure, with prior notice delivered to participants.

Below are the URLs for registration & reference:

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