Atom value incubator

Hello everyone,

Cosmos is a real hub for development and now offers a service as hub for blockchains to those who wants to develop without requiring a consequent amount of money to secure the network.

A topic that everybody should be concerned of, and that has risen many voices, is the value that atom brings and the value representing it.

This said, I wonder if the community already discussed about a system where a part of community funds would be hold in $atom (1% to 5%).

Community funds are held by projects and allow grants/funds in order to grow their ecosystem. Since every project should have X% of their CF in $atom :

  • This would increase the value of the atom token ;
  • CF could be more stable since cosmos is relatively resilient compared to other tokens ;
  • In theory, every new entrant will add value benefitting other project’s treasury ;
  • Could increase decentralization since every blockchain can maybe propose their own validator ;

This list can be longer but I want to have some opinions about this. Maybe I’m totally wrong…

Happy to hear your thoughts about this subject.

Atom community need only to upgrade the tokenomic.
The inflation of the token allows the validators to be remunerated. If ICS works perfectly and allows real income for validators, then inflation can be reduced, so investors will come whit it. Future ICS projects must have specific contracts with Atom and offer innovative products whit it.

Thanks for your answer, I totally agree with you.

But still, I think it’s a problem atom does not benefit the value of the blockchains it secure.

Individual value is great but imo the blockchain of the blockchain needs to capture value from his blockchains directly.

It’s a “problem” we can’t even measure since there is no chain secured by Atom chain yet.

And i would say the “capture” mindset is not and has never been the Atom mindset.
I believe Atom and the consumer chains will accrue value to each other by/with common alignment.

Again, can’t we think without our :crystal_ball: and see what happen once the first consumer chain is launched at least ?


While it’s not a “value incubator”, the allocator outlined in the 2.0 paper would function similarly to the sentiment that you are getting at.

It would allow other chains to make deals and helps manage treasury balances.

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