Bitbox Wallet Issue

Can somebody from the Cosmos team help Bitbox with their wallet. Withdrawls have been disabled since the rollback!

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Having the same issue. Just purchased 10 ETH worth of ATOMS on Bitbox. Now I would like to stake in my mobile Cosmostation wallet. Probably would delegate some to Cosmostation for making a great wallet. Unfortunately when I went to withdrawal, it is in “Paused” condition due to a fork? After reading a reddit post about Bitbox, I feel safer withdrawing my ATOMS. Does anybody know if any support from the Cosmos team has reached out to Bitbox to solve this problem?

Update…Just dumped and moved on. It appears the trade was to short ATOM and manipulate the high volume crap bot exchanges to lower the price. Then cover. Looks like the trade is over now without the inclusion of the crap high volume bot exchanges in Coinmarketcap. Oh well…live and learn!