Blockpower’s Response Regarding Notional’s Proposal

It has been brought to our attention that Notional(a Cosmos validator) initiated a proposal of public censure with factual faults and mischaracterization on Blockpower and related parties, we believe there is an misunderstanding and would like to clarify:

  1. Blockpower is a genesis Cosmos validator and always upholds the best interests of the ecosystem.
  2. Blockpower is a professional node operator and infrastructure provider; in addition to validation, we also provide voting tools and node management platform for our partners to use and more efficiently manage their node operation.
  3. Our partner dforce is a multichain DeFi platform, we are separate independent entities and in totally different domains. We engage with our partners regarding governance issues from time to time and leverage their domain expertise to make more informed governance decisions.
  4. Our partner utilizes our voting tool (will open source for community use) for governance participation, if their voting decisions are in line with our decision, our tool will batch the voting and vote via one grantee address, if they are not in line with our decision, our partners always have the ability to vote via their own address.
  5. We understand the Community’s intention to diversify governance voting, to rectify the voting process, going forward all our partners will have to vote via their own address.

COSMOS Proposal#100 (

Cool, please contribute to the deposit on the censure proposal :slight_smile:

This way we have a clear set of expectations. I’m really happy that you’re changing to a more secure process, but nonetheless feel that the setup you used put users at risk.

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