Citizen Cosmos Podcast

Hey Cosmonoauts!

Citizen Cosmos is a podcast about the masterminds behind the Cosmos Ecosystem, their tech ambitions and personalities. Feel free to like and share any episodes or just leave your comments, feedback and wishes!

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List of Episodes:

1: Gavin from Figment Networks. Governance

2: Jack Zampolin, Game of Zones & IBC

3: Kwun Yeung, Forbole & Desmos

4: Sunny Aggarwal, Tendermint & Sikka

5: Lee Hyung Yeon, Bharvest & Data Privacy

6: JK, Stake.Fish, Technology, Cosmos and staking

7: Adriana Mihai, KalpaTech & Passion

8: Aragon chain, ChainSafe & DAO

9: Ethan Buchman, the now and then of Cosmos

10: Gregory Landua, Regen Network & ecological regeneration

11: Harriet Cao, Iris Network (IRISnet) & Hub

12: Peng Zhong, Tendermint, management & decentralization