Contribution for IBC protocol

I posted a rough idea of IBC Hub Rollup for Sovereign Rollups on Celestia forum.

To know sovereign rollups, read: ttps://

Sovereign rollups will form inter-cluster / mesh network topology, while conventional smart contract rollups will form intra-cluster / hub & spoke network topology.

To reduce the complexity and number of combinations in the mesh network topology / dense network, I think the IBC Hub Rollup for Sovereign Rollups will be needed.

Rollkit team and IBC go team seems to take time until finishing other tasks in the roadmap. If other teams can contribute to it, the serving time can be reduced and can accelerate the IBC adoption not only in Cosmos SDK / comet BFT chains. However, even if we are interested in contributing to it, topics kind of fund for ecosystem growth are always in stagnation and of course it is difficult to contribute to it fully voluntarily without funding support.

Is it a optimal equilibrium for the IBC ecosystem? Taking long time for serving IBC not only for Cosmos SDK / comet BFT chains will lead to the decline of the presence of IBC ecosystem in the wide crypto ecosystem. Isn’t it better to support funding not only for fixed teams but also for teams who intend to contribute to IBC widely?

I want to discuss how we can contribute to IBC ecosystem in sustainable ways.


Its really great to hear there is interest to have ibc enabled on rollkit. The IBC team at Interchain have been working with the Rollkit team to understand in more detail the pieces of the puzzle that are missing in ibc-go and rollkit to make ibc enabled rollup communication a reality. One component we identified is conditional / dependent clients which requires some changes to the client API in ibc-go, we will have this work finished early in the new year. Hopefully this reassures you that this is a priority for us.

I can’t comment on matters of funding, however if you and your team are still interested in contributing on a voluntary basis we would be very happy about that


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