Cosmos connection with wallets

Due to missing from connections embedded in big wallets, such as Binance Wallet, Metamask, Imtoken and etc, Cosmos is missing big chances to exposs in front of millions of users. I think before officially launch Cosmos wallet, partner with these big names could help to marketing and target more users, then we could have more time to test and double check the wallet security.

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Just a note that you mention wallets that support tokens or standards that are not proper if the Interchain ecosystem as can be Metamask (erc-20).

yes, which is the same for all non-evm ecosystem. But we could see trc20, solana, EOS and etc at Binance Wallet, but not Cosmos. What does this mean? Users will have an impression of all these channels when they d/w, while for Cosmos, ppl have to know there is a Cosmos, and target for it purposely.

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