[Delegators] Cosmos & Tendermint Guides, Wallets, Explorers & Tools


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Delegator Guides

Ø. Official Cosmos Network Guides

1. Bity.com Guides

2. Cosmostation

3. Staking Facilities

4. Cosmos Suisse

5. Cryptium Labs

6. Node A-Team Guides

7. Easy 2 Stake Guides

8. Dragon Stake

9. Figment Networks

10. Melatrust

Other Delegator Guides

  1. Patrick Wieth’s Ultimate Cosmos Delegation Guide:
    link: https://medium.com/coinmonks/the-ultimate-cosmos-delegation-guide-for-real-idiots-87ebc6518145

  2. Introduction to Cosmos Economy & Recommendations for Delegators
    link: https://economy.p2p.org/introduction-to-cosmos-economy/

  3. How to delegate Cosmos Atoms with imToken wallet (Android, iOS) by @detcomfreak
    link: https://economy.p2p.org/how-to-delegate-cosmos-atoms-with-imtoken/

See Also

  1. List of Projects in Cosmos & Tendermint Ecosystem
    link: List of projects in Cosmos & Tendermint Ecosystem

  2. [Videos] Cosmos & Tendermint
    link: [Videos] Cosmos & Tendermint

  3. [Funding] Your Cosmos / Tendermint Startup
    link: [Funding] Your Cosmos / Tendermint Startup

  4. [Developers] Development Kits, Tools & SDK’s
    link: https://forum.cosmos.network/t/development-tools-cosmos-tendermint/2089

  5. Tendermint Blog
    link: https://medium.com/tendermint

  6. Interchain Foundation Blog
    link: https://medium.com/@interchain_io