[Delegators] Cosmos & Tendermint Guides, Wallets, Explorers & Tools


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Delegator Guides

Ø. Official Cosmos Network Guides

1. Stake.With.us

2. Cosmostation

3. Staking Facilities

4. Cosmos Suisse

5. Cryptium Labs

6. Node A-Team Guides

7. Easy 2 Stake Guides

8. Dragon Stake

9. Figment Networks

10. Melatrust


12. Bitfish

13. POSBakerz

14. DelegaNetworks

15. commercio.network

Other Delegator Guides & Related

  1. Delegation, Decentralization, Minimizing Risk by @asmodat
    link: https://medium.com/@asmodat/delegation-decentralization-minimizing-risk-bbdad4159c57

  2. Patrick Wieth’s Ultimate Cosmos Delegation Guide:
    link: https://medium.com/coinmonks/the-ultimate-cosmos-delegation-guide-for-real-idiots-87ebc6518145

  3. Introduction to Cosmos Economy & Recommendations for Delegators
    link: https://economy.p2p.org/introduction-to-cosmos-economy/

  4. How to delegate Cosmos Atoms with imToken wallet (Android, iOS) by @detcomfreak
    link: https://economy.p2p.org/how-to-delegate-cosmos-atoms-with-imtoken/

  5. What is Cosmos Network: https://medium.com/posbakerz/what-is-cosmos-network-quick-guide-overview-88ffdb74418a

  6. Diversification is Decentralization: https://medium.com/posbakerz/staking-diversification-is-decentralization-7f27abdfc17c

  7. Cosmos Network Validator Overview: https://medium.com/posbakerz/cosmos-network-validator-overview-25d4bde67563

  8. Cosmos Network Key infos: https://medium.com/posbakerz/cosmos-network-atom-key-infos-3e2147f8985a

  9. A Practical Way To Avoid a Chance of Downtime Penalty in Cosmos Network: https://medium.com/@miranugumanova/a-practical-way-to-avoid-a-chance-of-downtime-penalty-in-cosmos-network-6dea8a29d3d0

  10. Repo to help the delegators and validators by DragonStake (Spanish)
    link: https://github.com/Colm3na/Cosmos)

  11. Rainbow Wallet Tutorial by Jack Lam
    link: https://youtu.be/62_PXTclFeA


What Is the Current Inflation of ATOM ?

Effective Inflation = Inflation * ((365.25360024/blocks_per_year) / BlockTime)

Where do I find blocks_per_year parameter ?

Check (CTRL+F) Genesis Json File here: https://github.com/cosmos/launch/blob/master/genesis.json

Where do I find block time ?

You do not, it constantly changes, but you can find average, for example here.

How much ATOM is credited per 1 YEAR to delegators in from of block rewards.

Effective Reward Rate = Effective Inflation / Staking Ratio

What is a Staking Ratio and where do I find it ?

Staking Ratio is a ratio between number of staked coins and total supply, can be found for example here.

See Also

  1. List of Projects in Cosmos & Tendermint Ecosystem
    link: https://forum.cosmos.network/t/list-of-projects-in-cosmos-tendermint-ecosystem/243

  2. [Videos] Cosmos & Tendermint
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  4. [Developers] Development Kits, Tools & SDK’s
    link: https://forum.cosmos.network/t/development-tools-cosmos-tendermint/2089

  5. Tendermint Blog
    link: https://medium.com/tendermint

  6. Interchain Foundation Blog
    link: https://medium.com/@interchain_io


stake.fish has created a bunch of videos using different wallets on how to stake ATOMs. Also, available in Chinese as well!


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Great initiative! :slight_smile:

POS Bakerz also wrote many guides about Cosmos. Would appreciate if we can be added to the list!

Please find some links here :

Configure Cosmos on Ledger Nano S

What is Cosmos Network

Diversification is Decentralization

Cosmos Network Validator Overview

Cosmos Network Key infos

Delegate Cosmos (ATOM) with Ledger using Block explorers (with Hubble or Stargazer)

How to stake PoS cryptocurrencies using Wetez

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One more article worth mentioning from Ztake.org
A Practical Way To Avoid a Chance of Downtime Penalty in Cosmos Network

Thank you, it’s added to the list.

Really good one, added

Bidali has just added ATOM as a means of payment for gift cards, and phone top ups see link here

MEET.ONE wallet had supported COSMOS for a long time,hope to be listed,thx~

Hi there, would it be possible to also list Airgap.it which is a cold wallet. Also it offers staking

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