Cosmos hub- interchain security-pool taxe

From what I can gather, in the ATOM 2.0 vision, the hub plans to fund new projects through a tax from the community pool.
Do the projects that obtain this funding have a counterpart? For example, to adopt the interchain security and the sovereignty of the ATOM?
Polkadot praises its connection to everyone why wouldn’t ATOM step in and let the new community pool funded project determine who secures it?
Can a new project benefiting from the financing of the community pool refuse to submit to the sovereignty of the ATOM via interchain security? If so, perhaps, in the interest of all cosmonauts, we should propose a discussion on this subject and initiate a vote to impose the acceptance of interchain security in the case of the intervention of the community pool.

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The atom 2.0 proposal never suggested funding either projects or the community pool through taxation. Using taxation is too inefficient, laborious and time consuming to be a viable alternative. It would take years to get to a reasonable point where the funds would be significant enough to do or commit to any worthwhile project. Taxation maybe useful for rewards, but not as effective for funding(I don’t think).