Cosmos ⚛️ July 2019 Network Analysis

Hey Cosmonauts!
I wrote this article for anyone interested in the Cosmos $ATOM network. Would love some feedback.

Key take-aways:

1. Staking rewards slowly decreasing

Over 67% of $ATOM supply is staked, so now inflation will slowly decrease from 7.64% until it bottoms out at 7% (but that will take months).

How does that impact Cosmos staking rewards? The easiest way to calculate that is to divide inflation by the percent of tokens that are staked.

7.64% / 70.31% = 10.87% rewards now

7.00% / 70.31% = 9.96% rewards in the future

2. ~60k USD burned by slashing event

The first protocol violation resulted in a 5% stake slashing for one validator and its delegators.

3. Big upgrade for the Cosmos Hub

Upgrade could be as early as August 19 and will allow Cosmos to fund bounties, using on-chain governance to pay wallets with the community fund. The community fund is a pool that receives 2% of the rewards/fees from each block that is mined.

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Any additional metrics you’d like to see in a Cosmos network analysis?