Creating Layer2 in Cosmos

Hello I’m new in the forum.

I write that my team and I are studying the creation of a Layer2 in Cosmos, related to the energy sector and renewables, we are looking for members to participate in the project as well as any kind of support from the community.

Thanks for all.

Hi @pablogcrypto I recommend checking out the Developer Portal at Cosmos allows for “application-specific” chains, i.e., each application can have it’s own chain rather than building on top of another layer 1. Chains are interoperable using IBC. There are also several chains that allow smart contracts to run (most notably using CosmWasm based contracts on chains like Juno, although chains like Evmos allows for Solidity contracts too). You’ll need to decide whether you want to run your own application specific chain or deploy a smart contract on an existing smart-contract enabled chain.

All this being said, this forum is specifically for conversations about the Cosmos Hub blockchain rather than all Cosmos related projects.

Am I interested in participating and assist anyway possible

Thanks for your interest, can we talk on tg or another network and go into details?

Yes I be happy to just let me know