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I think some of you already heard about us around, either from our TG chat or possibly via the info on the ecosystem list on the forum.

I’m not sure to what extent this is the right place to introduce a project. I don’t think this is, as this is the validating category - so I will not be doing this.

If anyone wants to read about what we do, please check any of the links above (we are #16 on the forum list), from there, you can check out our GitHub or join our TG chat for more info.

As we are nearing the launch of our final testnet we would like to invite people to join our validator set. We have very harsh goals for the launch of our mainet and would like to have 146 active validators in order to launch.

To stay “true” to the cause, we recommend using the following specs:
(An in-detailed guide for launching a validator, can be found on our forum)

  • CPU: 4 cores (6 is better)
  • RAM: 16 GB (64 would be better)
  • SSD: 256 GB (512 is preferred)
  • Connection: 100 Mbit fiber
  • GPU: Nvidia CUDA / GeForce, Quadro and Tesla lines
  • Software: Linux, Docker

We are releasing a launch-kit repo soon, which will contain all the info about the incentivised testnets, distribution games, auctions and so on. I would imagine that the best place to look for it would be on our TG channel (Im not allowed to post more than 2 links so I hope you can find the chat :slightly_smiling_face: - It’s on Telegram @fuckgoogle

Please let me know if I missed anything out or if you have any questions! Thanks.

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Just a short update from our dev meeting:

Forwarded from our TG channel
Good news!

We have successfully tested the needed cases using the internal devnet and are ready to launch the community devnet - Euler-5 the coming week. Last week @savetheales released part of the launch-kit for calculating and validating Euler-4 rewards. 5 validators have already mentioned their success in calculating the hashes. We are calling all others to also do so!

Right now we have successfully built by using the upgraded launch-kit genesis file for the devnet, which includes the calculations for the Ethereum and Cosmos gifts.

The community devnet will launch along with Euler-4 rewards, Ethereum and Cosmos gifts. There will be a lot of work with governance for adjusting rank and bandwidth params; load testing.

Two days ago, the Cosmos team released a branch for IBC testing where we are actively contributing to the testing. We made cross-chain transfers using two independent chains, and I can say that everything works fine in general. A huge step for the Cosmos community and all of us!

In regards to this, I have decided to launch the Gaia devnet with IBC support from cyber~Congress. The reason behind it was to start preparing our community to work with IBC on our IBC hub, and contributing to the testing of IBC v1.0, which will be released along with Cosmos-SDK 0.38 (also maybe with onchain upgrades!).

We are actively following this

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