Genki-1000, a testnet from the community


As discussed in the community earlier this morning, a separate testnet fully organized by the community is needed before the start of Game of Stakes. To let validators familiar with the whole process of a decentralized start of GoS, we have created a new github repo to gather the gentx files. We have named this testnet genki-1000 as we are gathering the energies from all the Cosmos validators to make this happen.

If you are interested to join this network at genesis, please submit your gentx files to the genki-1000 repo. We target to start this before the weekend and validators can test the new inflation and reward mechanism before the start of GoS next Tuesday.

Validators from the Cosmos, please share us with your spirits!


i am all in

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Genesis Collector by Certus One is now accepting gentx files of genki-1000. Please submit your gentx to the collector directly.

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Joined with Cryptium Labs.

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genki-1000 is starting up. Please

  1. Download the final genesis file and place it under your $HOME/.gaiad/config directory.
  2. Run gaiad unsafe-reset-all
  3. Edit $HOME/.gaiad/config/config.toml, put the following peers as seeds,,,d599c4c6ae6ec6c9108f07b4c74a55df493fcf4f@,f0b32c9401745b613ae77ee3b31037171b871099@
  1. Run gaiad start

Hi there,

here is my seed / peer


Figment’s Hubble is up monitoring this testnet.

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