Gaia-7002 Launch timeline

Hello Testnet validators,

We are targeting the gaia-7002 genesis for Wednesday Pacific time.

Here is the progress we have made so far:
Chris has triaged the bug that took down gaia-7001a and we expect a fix sometime in the next few hours.

Sunny triaged and opened a pull request for the consensus fault that took down gaia-7001.

Jeremiah fixed a bug in gaiad export that prevented use from exporting state from gaia-7001.

Here is what we are doing before publishing the gaia -7002 genesis.

  1. We are going to run through the release process checklist.
  2. 0.23 of gaia will be released with faster synch fixes.
  3. We will release the gaiad and gaia-7002 genesis on Wednesday and start a 12 hour window to launch.



I have an additional proposal.

All validators who never bonded any tokens in gaia-7001 should be removed from the gaia-7002 genesis state,

Most active validators bonded their tokens to help the network improve their uptime voting power.


I agree, let’s do a genesis cleanup.

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Thanks for this 7002 so fast.

waiting for gaiad-7002, excited!

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And :pray: for this concise update in the forum :blush:


Go to 7002!! :call_me_hand:

Go Go 7002! :stuck_out_tongue: Make a history!