Decentralized Open Source GSM Cellular

Most people are not aware that to create your own Decentralized GSM Cellular network all you need is rf transmitter equipment and SIM reading and writing utilities and SIMs (5000 USD total) that can broadcast five miles or far enough to reach a WiFi network or you have the key for and then you can connect to the entire Open BTS network. See how this puts it’s self in with internet of block chain???

I would love to see this get developed on COSMOS block chain. It is C++ and native to Linux. This is a perfect opportunity to Decentralized hardware and decent mobile OS as well as reduce being gauged by new hardware releases. I imagine neighborhoods that are using their own services and sharing with travelers or passers by and making something.

There is no reason to use towers other than they are already there. The space clutter made by satellites coming out of useful orbit is making a mess.

Look into this and hire me to help Evangelize!

It is not my innovation, I just want to share their site. I have an a team on keybase to discuss some of my use case ideas and want to make the information available to the highly intelligent people here. Comment if you want for keybase team chat. I don’t want to self promote all too much.

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I have updated the hyperlink to resolve their lack of using https protocol.