DID layer in Cosmos by Hypersign

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I am part of Hypersign team and previously we have introduced our self. We have been building SSI module by following W3C did spec. We also want DIDs to be interoperable over IBC with other zones. At first glance it might look like we are trying to build VDR (verifiable data registry) for DIDs but our long term goal is, in future any existing zone can become registry, all they need is a SSI module enabled. Once everyone has SSI modules enabled, they can exchange DIDs over IBC and get them resolved.

Rationale behind this would be, an issuer may exist on any of zones and verifier may exist on the other. The user who have got his verifiable credential issued by an issuer of zone1 can avail services from the other zones (where verifier sits).

One of the usecase of this would be, KYC-zone may issue KYC credential / whitelist credential to a user and a user may then go trade on a Dex-Zone. Due to govt regulation, the Dex-Zone may first ask user to provide the KYC credential before trading.

Our actions items are for this quarter:

  1. To write a DID-Method Spec and get it registered in W3C registry - the method should support all DIDs issued on any zone in the cosmos ecosystem.
  2. To write a ICS DID Resolve spec for resolving DID (been in touch with interchain team member about it) over zones.

We also envision our SSI module to be accepted in native cosmos-sdk in future once its properly tested, this way every zone can act as a registry and also they need not to have their own DID-method spec registered and go through pain of understating W3C did specs.

If anyone have some thoughts / suggestions or working in the same direction or would like to contribute to our project, we would be really happy to connect.

Looking forward to hear from you guys.



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