[ Discussion] ATOM EVENTS DAO


The Cosmos Atom network has gained significant traction and has a growing community of passionate individuals interested in its development. However, there is a need for a dedicated platform to organize and coordinate events specifically focused on Cosmos Atom. By establishing a Cosmos Atom Events DAO, we aim to provide a structured framework for organizing local and regional meetups, conferences, workshops, and other events that promote the growth and development of the Cosmos ecosystem


The primary objectives of the Cosmos Atom Events DAO are as follows:
a. Event Management: faster streamlined funding for small and medium sized events, Coordination, managing local and international events, including conferences, meetups, workshops, and hackathons, to promote Cosmos Atom and engage the global community.

b. Community Activation: Activate and support various Cosmos meetup groups worldwide, enabling local communities to organize regular events and foster networking opportunities. The various meetup groups can be found here

c. Education and Knowledge Sharing: Facilitate educational initiatives, workshops, and presentations to increase awareness, understanding, and adoption of Cosmos Atom among developers, enthusiasts, and stakeholders.

d. Developer Support: Provide a platform for local developers to showcase their projects, share knowledge, and receive support and feedback from the community, thereby encouraging the development of innovative solutions on the Cosmos Atom network.

e. Master calendar, maps directory of Events

f. Simplified kpis reporting and accountability

g. Periodic reports

EVENTS CATEGORIES ( Target of 60 events )

  1. Small Events - 20 - 100 people in attendance . max of 2000 usd
  2. Medium sized events - above 100 people in attendance. Max of 8000 usd
  3. Event sponsorship- max of 10,000 usd


FUNDS REQUESTED = 500,000 usd in atom (53,000 ATOM)

Funds will be managed by committee members of 3 people and administered through a multisig wallet.


  1. Legal structure set up = 15000 usd
  2. Social media manager = 1000 usd/ month
  3. Website creation ,hosting and maintenance = 7000 usd
  4. Search engine optimization = 3000 usd
  5. Compensation for 3 members = 4000/ month


Setting up a validator Node , and 150,000 atoms delegated to the validator node from community treasury
this will have a monthly proceeds of $25,800 information is from staking rewards calculator

This proceeds generated will be used to run the events, events are open to anyone around the globe, after a year the community can revaluate, if there is no longer need, the delegated atoms can be sent back to the community treasury


Anyone who is interested and or experienced in running events please do reach out by replying to the message it will also be great to have varrious cosmos meetup groups be a part