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About DSRV


Building a sustainable Web 3.0”

DSRV is a blockchain infrastructure company that provides powerful and easy-to-use solutions to enable developers and enterprises to become architects of the future.

Driven by this mission of advancing the next internet by empowering builders, DSRV targets the foundational level through reliable validator services and multi-chain infrastructure products.

Which networks do we support?

DSRV is home to an experienced and professional validator team with a proven track record across more than 20 global blockchain networks.

These include Cosmos SDK-based chains like Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, Agoric, Umee, Provenance, Crescent, Tgrade, CertiK, AssetMentle, Injective, and Chihuahua. We also validate on other major chains like Ethereum, Celo, Solana, Near, Flow, Polygon, Avalanche, Mina, Tezos, Axelar, Kusama and more.

Awarded the Master Validator Certificate by Celo and appointed to the Near Validator Advisory Board (NVAB) by NEAR, DSRV is recognized globally for its technical excellence and expertise in operating nodes.

To further bolster chain security, we are also actively involved in validating on Testnets and Devnets, and have consistently ranked highly on numerous Incentivized Testnets (CertiK, Agoric, Umee, Archway), which serve to test validators.

Our validator infrastructure

We use both Prometheus and Grafana to collect and visualize metrics. The metrics we monitor vary by network, but we typically monitor liveness, block height, P2P peer count, memory usage, mempool tx, etc.

A 24/7 alert system allows us to flag and respond to incidents immediately, with alerts being routed between the relevant team members.


Open-source development

We actively contribute to open-source development in the Cosmos ecosystem. Some examples include:

Governance & Community

  • We are also active participants in on-chain governance. Our team is constantly tracking governance proposals and consulting with team members to make the right decisions for the community. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us through our channels, so that we can properly take them into account when voting.
  • We routinely publish research articles to onboard new users, as well as in-depth technical content to help developers. You can find articles and videos on our Medium and YouTube!

Infrastructure products

  • We support a plethora of chains through our various product suites, built for developers and users alike. These include an RPC API platform, multi-chain wallet, Remix IDE multi-chain plugin, asset management platform, and intuitive dashboard for multiple networks. For more detail, see the section below.

Our products

As a tech-driven company, we have three more development teams in addition to the Validator Team that all specialize in building various products for Web 3.0 developers.

  • All That Node is a multi-chain development platform that provides RPC API, node sync services, and faucets for developers on 20+ chains including Cosmos, Osmosis, Argoric, Archway, Persistence, Sei, Tgrade, and Certik.
  • WELLDONE Studio is a multi-chain product suite that offers a wallet, Remix IDE plugin, and asset management platform. WELLDONE Wallet launched last month with 6 supported networks including Cosmos Hub, Ethereum, Celo, Neon, Klaytn, and Solana. Soon after we released Remix IDE plugin, known as WELLDONE Code, with Near, Celo and Klaytn. Osmosis and Juno will be supported shortly.
  • Sonar is a development tool optimized for multiple networks, which allows users to monitor on-chain data through an explorer and dashboard. The Sonar team has experience building CHAISCAN and LunaWhale for Terra Classic and CeloWhale for Celo, and is currently working on dashboards for a new chain.

Want to stake with us?

You can find our validators operating on Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, Agoric, Umee, Provenance, Crescent, Tgrade, CertiK, AssetMentle, Injective, and Chihuahua. Come stake with us!

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