"Ethereum-style" Signaling & Governance Through Snapshot

Hey guys,

LPX from Evmos DAO Governance WS here. I’ve been seeing a lot of discussion on Twitter regarding the use and purpose of Discourse for Cosmos governance.

Just wanted to share my ETH Seoul hackathon submission which shows the possibility of using Snapshot for Cosmos SDK governance: twitter[dot]com/devfolio/status/1565242448976101376

Just sharing – not suggesting anything, but if it is something of interest or intriguing to you, let me know and I’ll try to re-open the repo with the refactored version.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter @ EvmosVision. Much love from the Evmos community <3

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Hey, I’m going to check it out. Also, I will share the link here in one moment, I guess you’re new here and you can’t post links.


Keplr and the cosmos-sdk both implemented ADR-36 fairly recently. So this is now possible.



Thanks for posting the link for me. Yes, definitely new to this forum, and definitely planning on staying!