[Explorers] Can we have better use of the identity field?

Currently we only use the identity field to store the keybase key suffix in order to get the profile picture of an account from keybase while the field actually can hold 3000 characters. I think only using it to store the key suffix is not a good use of the identity field. I have created an issue on Big Dipper github before.

It should show more information of a validator on explorers by having a better use of the field. Discussion on the forum and on the github issue are welcome.

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What do you think about using Desmos for a more complete/full Validator profile?

Thank you for your suggestion. This is one of the directions I’m thinking of and I have written this part in our Desmos introduction (haven’t pushed to github yet). For example, there is a validator profile on Desmos and they are linked with different networks that the validator is validating.

However, this use case will be very limited and I would like to see how this can be extended to other kind of users but haven’t thought of a way to balance the data privacy issue and how to monetized the personal behaviour yet. As long as the data are public, anyone can build something like the psychological profile of Cambridge Analytica by studying the likes and chat between users. In a social world, it can’t be always anonymous but this will be harmful to the users.