How to add info, e.g. url and avatar, to validator for display in explorer

Run a command that looks like this -

gaiacli stake edit-validator
–moniker=“Nylira Validator”
–details="Peng Zhong "

$MYKEY is a key from gaiacli keys list you use to fund your validator.

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This information is also in the documentation:

Please refer to those docs as authoritative.

Tip: add this flag -


To get around this error -

ERROR: checkTx failed: (65548) === ABCI Log ===
Codespace: 1
Code: 12
ABCICode: 65548
Error: --= Error =–
Data: common.FmtError{format:“out of gas in location: ReadPerByte”, args:[]interface {}(nil)}
Msg Traces:
–= /Error =–

=== /ABCI Log ===

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A bug for this was found. Just in case if anyone cannot update the validator a second time.

How can add avatar for my validator? I see that some of them have it in block explorer, but there is no --avatar param in the latest release.

You can create a PGP key on and update your validator with flag --keybase-sig, which is what the first post here is suggesting.

–keybase-sig has been deprecated. Now the flag is --identity

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Oh yes. Checked the command. It’s --identity now. Thanks for the update.

The referenced link is dead -