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We are Forbole

Forbole is a people-centric technology company in the web3 era. Our mission is to empower people by building decentralized infrastructure that supports a free and open metaverse.

We are a well-established professional blockchain validator and we’ve been in the staking service business for over 4 years. Started as a genesis validator on Cosmos Hub, we have been growing rapidly along with the boom of Proof-of-Stake blockchains. Our team consists of experienced engineers, creative marketers and talented designers all over the world. Forbole is trusted by thousands of stakers all over the world.

Why Forbole

  • Securing 60+ Proof-of-Stake Networks and Bridges
  • Institutional grade blockchain infrastructure with industry-leading security protocols
  • A team of experienced network engineers, available 24/7

Our contributions to the Cosmos Ecosystem

  1. We are one of the genesis validators on Cosmos Hub, and many other Cosmos-SDK chains. We have contributed in the Today-in-Cosmos series for over a year, supported many other community events, participated in on-chain governance, etc
  2. We have built the open-source Big Dipper explorer for the Cosmos community.
  3. We are the core team of Desmos, built with Cosmos-SDK, actively engaging with Cosmos Core development.

How we engage with our stakers

We communicate with our audience through our Twitter, Telegram and our Linkedin channels. And keep creating staking guides to minimize the staking obstacles, encourage more adoption from the networks we validate.

In addition, create and enrich our blog content where we publish articles related to our validating networks and some blockchain news.

Earn passive income through staking your $ATOM

  1. Pick your trusted provider like Forbole to secure Cosmos Hub network
  2. Utilize our infrastructure by staking $ATOM with Forbole
  3. You earn some staking rewards

How we react on Cosmos governance proposal

As a validator, we put our governance participation in high priority, to show support on our validating networks, like Cosmos. We try our best to perform actively in all governance proposals.

For every governance decision, we would make a balance at a wider perspective, taking into account what is the best for Cosmos. Besides, we are also a representative of our stakers’ votes, thus we share our governance participation and the reasons on our twitter page. Maintain communication with our stakers to ensure they have the final right to change their mind before the voting ends.

Connect with Forbole

Get in touch with us if any questions:

Telegram: Contact @forbole
Instagram: Forbole (@forbole) • Instagram photos and videos


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One of the top validators in the space btw.

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