StakeLab - Validator Profile

What’s StakeLab?

StakeLab is a Staking and Relaying Hub for the Cosmos ecosystem that run more than 50+ chains from the Cosmos SDK.

What networks do we support as validator?

We validate and run relayers for: Akash, Asset Mantle, Axelar, Band Protocol, Bitcanna, Bitsong, Cerberus, Certik, Chihuahua, Comdex, Commercio, Cosmos Hub, Crescent, Cudos, Decentr, Desmos, Dig Chain, E-money, Evmos, Fetch Ai, Galaxy, Gravity Bridge, Idep, Injective, Iris, Ixo, Juno, Kava, Ki Chain, Konstellation, Kujira, Lum, Medibloc, Meme, Microtick, Nomic, Omniflix, Oraichain, Osmosis, Passage 3D, Persistence, Regen, Rizon, Secret, Sentinel, Sifchain, Sommelier, Stargaze, Starname, Teritori, Terra, Tgrade, Umee, Vidulum.

What IBC relayers do we support as validator?

We run relayers on the whole ecosystem, and help new chains with creation of channels.
We will soon provide the total list open source on our github.

Is StakeLab involded in on chain Governance?

Using Mintscan or any other explorer providers, you can see we are actively involved in on chain decision making, always trying to be relevant and neutral for the chain/ecosystem development.