Forum Header Updating

This is much too casual of a message board where people are coming to seek info about the project.

The topic headings are garbage. We need categories like:

Polished governance submission in an eventually standardized format.

Active Governance Votes with a tick down metric and the proposal. We should call this “GOVERNANCE DOCKET”
It may all be in KEPLR but we need it here too.

Governance Congress: where any proposals or ideas that aren’t fully flushed out should be built up and worked on.

Need NEWS on COSMOS feed.

This forum looks amateur and it is not befitting a MAJOR coin like ATOM

We need to hire someone to do this and more!!’

People doing their due diligence aren’t going to like what they see when they visit here.

Hi, thank you for the feedback!

The forum does need quite a bit of work. We are currently in the process of planning for that. It sounds like what you are recommending is:

  • Embedded governance updates (windows into on-chain governance from the forum interface)
  • Standardized formatting for proposals (we do offer templates for that)
  • A category explicitly for unfinished proposals (we currently use tags for that)
  • A news feed (that’s a great idea!)

We are expecting to have major updates to the forum. Maybe they won’t like the look of it now, but I think they will like the activity and thoughtful feedback from the community that goes into each and every topic.

In the coming months, we will begin an initiative to start getting more community members involved with the maintenance of public spaces! Really excited to present that to the community.

In the mean time, do you have any forums that you really enjoy using? We would love to collect that kind of content to help inform our own work.


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